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Canadian Bear Proof Garbage Bins – Tougher Than The Average Bear

Canadian Bear Proof Garbage Bins – Are Real Tough! Canadian Bear Proof Garbage Bins are definitely a niche product I haven’t come across before. But I guess there’s not many carnivourous mammals in Australia that may want to chomp your head off.  We only have lots of poisonous snakes and spiders that may want to […]

Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 – Funny Bobsleigh Track Sign

Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 - Bobsleigh Track Warning Sign

Vancouver Winter Olympics Funny! With the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 coming up fast – here is a sort of relevant post about the venue. The Winter Olympics is not exactly a Gold Medal feast for Australia.  A hot sun and not much snow means we’re only just ahead of the Jamaicans in terms of Winter Olympics […]

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