Miniature Earth – Compelling Video

Miniature Earth Project – See How Our World Lives

This Miniature Earth Project video has been floating around the internet for a while, but it’s quite a sobering one and will definitely test your grey matter on who lives in the world and how they live.

It’s a great way to think about our Planet Earth in an objective and simplified way.

Miniature Earth Project - Compelling World Population You Tube Video

Instead of thinking of the world as billions of people, the Miniature Earth video compresses the world down into only 100 people, and expresses a number of stats in terms of the numbers of people out of that hundred.  For example, the number of people via race, gender, socio-economic status, and via geography.

Miniature Earth is a great video and you may have seen already – but it’s good to check it out a number of times to realise what’s going on in the world at the moment. I have replayed this a few times to let it all sink in.

This video should be updated every time world population passes another billion mark to remind us all that the vast majority of people in the world live in the third world.

Miniature Earth – A Social Statement

For those of you that are lucky to be watching the Miniature Earth video on the internet, you’re in a top percentage of wealthy people on the entire planet.

I will even add more to this statistic – if you are on welfare in a first world country, you are in the top ten per cent of the world’s richest people. That’s right, if you ever think you are doing it tough, there are billions of people who are way more worse off than you.

The Miniature Earth Video definitely makes you think.

Have a look:

If you’re interested in more reading, check out People and the Earth: Basic Issues in the Sustainability of Resources and Environment.

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  1. pixe pixe
    March 14, 2009    

    Very compelling.. really brings you back to reality.

  2. June 9, 2012    

    Thanks for the post & video. Really gets us thinking how lucky we are to have things which many cannot even get in this world.

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