London Clubs – The Victorian Toilet Night Club

London Clubs – literally in a Toilet!

If you go cruising around London looking for a place to party, check this place out. This is one of the many London Clubs that are around are around the place, but this one is a bit unique – it’s called the Cellar Door.

London Clubs - The Victorian Toilet Nightclub

And it’s not exactly a place where you might think a night club where you can party all night long would be located! Hint, has something to do with crap!

London Clubs – An Unusual One

What’s unusual about this London Night Club is that it’s built within the confines of an old Victorian era public toilet.

That’s right, you can now party all night in a former craphouse! I didn’t get a chance to check it out when it was open, but Hedley who showed me around on a Quirky London Tour pointed out this unusual party joint to me. I would have walked straight past it normally!

The toilets (within the old toilet!) are unique as well – the doors are clear until they are locked, when the glass becomes translucent so you can do your thing without feeling like a zoo animal. Yes, that would make me feel so much better! I’m not exactly the type that would want to me watched doing my thing!

They also sell snuff there at the Cellar Door – which is basically snorting tobacco up your nose.  This was somewhat of an old pastime that reached it’s peak about a couple of hundred years ago, but it’s still alive here! I guess this is something different to the other London Clubs out there!

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So if you’re after some London Clubs where you can party – check out the Cellar Door in central London.

You can then tell your friends you’ve partied in a toilet all night long!

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  1. October 20, 2010    

    The Victorian below pavement toilets were magnificent facilities in many UK cities. Some had opaque glass tiles in the ceiling/pavement so you thought you could be spied on or conversely look up upon the pedestrians above.

    Brilliant that they have found an inventive purpose for them.

    December 29, 2010    

    look like i’ll have to get u a new toliet . u have mnetioned a toilet in everything that I have read today. by the way the norwegians love their snuff. must get u a junkett there somehow.

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