Livestock Transport – The African Goat

Livestock Transport by Pedal Power

Livestock Transport is obviously an essential part of the trade chain.

One needs to get their Livestock to the market as soon as possible to make a sale and earn a living.  This is especially important in many third world countries, where the sale of an animal may determine whether you eat for that week.

That means many people have to be inventive and find any way of Livestock Transport possible.

Check of this sequence of photos of an example of Livestock Transport and the African Goat.  This was sent to me ages ago via email.

I love the expression on this guy’s face when he’s realised that he’s a new Tourist Attraction!

It’s priceless!

I think this guy should be given this funny sign – EXCLUSIVE PARKING ” ONLY WORLD’S BEST LIVESTOCK TRANSPORT DRIVER “.

I guess the next time you see a modern example of Livestock Transport, think of this guy and The African Goat!

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  1. Saymore Petros Ndou Saymore Petros Ndou
    June 29, 2010    

    Welfare awareness issues have been receiving low priority in developing world countries. I wonder how long it will take ordinary people in rural areas of most developed countries to recognise proper animal handling. There is need for rasiing animal welfare issues through non-profit oragnizations especially in this era of globalization and climatic change

  2. Pixie Pixie
    January 24, 2011    

    Oh this is cruel…. you can see the pink string used to tape its legs together to enable him to sling it over his back like a bag… poor mr goat…

  3. david allen david allen
    July 26, 2011    

    we have many goats in Croatia but i have never seen this before ,
    how sad and disturbing.

  4. david allen david allen
    July 26, 2011    

    I’m not happy with these photos it looks disturbing to me , this is not a sight
    i would like to see.

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