Hearses For Sale – Not A Funeral Car For the Dead!

Hearses For Sale – Don’t Ask About The Fuel Pumps?

Today I’ve got a really, really strange travel photo from Ryan from Travel And Graphs. You can also follow @TravelandGraphs on Twitter. And despite my silly title, it’s not about Hearses For Sale.. I think! Definitely from the Only In America files!

Anyway, I will leave the explanation to Ryan!

“Pulling into a gas station outside of Weed, New Mexico (ha ha, I love the name – maybe this place has Cannabis Starter Kits!), I was confronted with this scene.

There was only one gas pump that looked to be from the 50’s, with a credit card machine next to it and no attendant in sight.
Come to think of it, there wasn’t anybody in sight; attending things or otherwise.
Down the road a ways was a convenience store (closed at the time) that made it clear they wanted nothing to do with petrol services. Logically, the way to do this was putting a sign saying as much on the ground, propped up against a white hearse.
Feeling like the insolent chap I am, I thought to myself ” I should go in and ask about gas pumps, just for kicks. What’s the worst they could do?”
Hearses For Sale - Not A Funeral Car For the Dead
But I realized that any store that puts a vehicle to transport the dead out front is not likely to enjoy my humor. Leaving town seemed the better choice.
I think it’s lucky you did leave town in quick time! Sounds like you are in duelling bango country there!
Anyway, there is nothing like using a bit of ingenuity to show the general public what you don’t sell! Obviously the store owners were a little bit over pesky tourists asking silly questions about filling up their cars with gas!

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Maybe the store owners should have displayed this sign – Hearse Parking Only.

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