Hayden Quinn Interview – Masterchef Australia Contestant on Urine Tasting Sheep Kidneys

Hayden Quinn Chats About Sheep Kidneys, The Hoff and Budgie Smugglers!

As part of the Crave Sydney International Food Festival, I interviewed a former Masterchef Australia contestant, Hayden Quinn just before I had a chat to Celebrity Chef Bill Granger.

For those of you who live outside of Australia, Hayden Quinn used to be a professional lifeguard before he was thrown into the public spotlight after appearing in the 2011 edition of Masterchef Australia, and now is pursuing a career in food and cooking.

It’s amazing sometimes how making one decision can lead you into a life you never thought was possible! One day you are doing your own thing in anonymous land, and the next your head is on national television for a couple of months and people start asking for your autograph on the street. Now that’s something that hasn’t happened to me yet because I’m a Z grade internet celebrity..

Hayden Quinn Interview - Masterchef Australia Contestant, Food and Cooking

Anyway, Hayden is a laid back character and was happy to talk to me about all sorts of silly stuff about food, especially the not so glamourous aspects of it such as experimenting with mutton!

Seriously, if you bump into him on the street, say hi and I’m sure he would be more than happy to have a chat to you.

The Hayden Quinn Interview

Here is my funny 3 minute chat with Hayden which was pretty casual – on the sand at Bondi Beach in Sydney on a lazy Sunday morning. By the way, if you need some Australian Slang translation, ‘Budgie Smugglers’ are the tight fitting male swimwear that some men shouldn’t wear to the beach. Other international names for this wonder of swim clothing are ‘Banana Hammock’ and ‘Meat Hangers’.

You will get the idea!

More Hayden Quinn Stuff

Hayden Quinn is working on few projects, but check out some stuff from Masterchef Australia. Thanks Hayden for the opportunity to chat!

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  1. Hayden Fan Hayden Fan
    November 25, 2011    

    Funny interview – he looks like you can go up to him in the street and say hi!

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