Hawaiian Islands Funny Travel Photos – Volcano Humour!

Hawaiian Islands Funny Volcano Shots

Today, I’ve got a couple of funny travel photos of the Hawaiian Islands that were sent in from Donald from Travergence.com.

Hawaii is synonymous with the volcanoes and subsequent lava flows that dominate some of its landscape. For example, when you see coverage of the Hawaiian Iron Man (probably one of the most insane endurance events of the world), this acts as a giant tourism promotion, especially when you see hundreds of bikes travelling through the seemingly endless lava fields.

And it looks like some of these lava flows sometimes go a little bit too far. Like the lava flow that has swallowed an entire road in the picture below! What’s really happened is that the lava flow has given new meaning to some of the signs that were placed there.

For example, check out this scene – the sign on the right says ‘Stay On Paved Road – Private Property on Either Side’.

Hawaiian Islands Funny Photos

Looks like the private property was somewhat vapourised to me and no longer exists! It’s going to take a few million years before this lava breaks down into soil!

There’s also this car which looks like it was also vapourised and sent to automobile heaven forever. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Hawaii Volcanos

Crazy stuff! I’d like to see these bizarre sights in person.

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For more Hawaii Island Volcano info, see more at Chasing Lava: A Geologist’s Adventures at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.


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  1. June 22, 2013    


  2. India Visa India Visa
    June 24, 2013    

    Looks like fuuny and bit horrible, but i still like your post.

  3. July 10, 2013    

    Wow they’re even more amazing than funny, the first one really made me smile however. Dying to visit an active volcano, must do something about that one day soon.

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