Funny Drink Packaging – French Lemonade

Funny Drink Time!

Today’s Funny Travel Photo is the Funny Drink Packaging of French Lemonade! I’m not sure what it is supposed to mean in French, but I definitely know what it sounds like in English! And it sounds like something that you might step into that isn’t very pleasant and could possibly stink a lot!

In English Speaking Countries, Lemonade has a number of trademark names that don’t really provoke any lingual conundrums.  I haven’t come across too many examples of Funny Drink Packaging or bizarre brand names that have really grabbed my attention. Until today at least!

However, Sasha from On Ur Way Travel spotted this nuance of French Fizzy drinks when she travelled to France! Now, say this out loud in front of your computer when your work mates are around! And see their reaction!

Funny Drink Packaging - French Lemonade - Pschitt tastes just like lemonade

I can just hear the marketing executives from many advertising agencies thinking ‘Hmmm, this Lemonade Tastes Just Like PscHitt!  Drink some today! I love these kinds of funny shopping products that are most innocent in the native language, but can mean something else completely in another!

I’m just trying to picture the cafes and bistros in downtown Paris, which all have seats and tables looking onto the street. Some of the sophisticated Parisians might be sitting there having a light meal, but washing down their feed with a glass of PscHitt. Now that is a funny travel photo that I want to capture some day! That would be pure gold!

So when you next drink some Lemonade, think of this example of Funny Drink Packing! And I hope it’s not PscHitt!

More Funny Drink Stuff!

If you really want to, you can buy some Lemon Teisseire Lemon Syrup from France. With this stuff, you could possibly make your own PscHitt lemonade for you and your friends!

Pschitt probably should make my list of French Swear Words here!

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  1. July 2, 2010    

    Wow…at first I said: “Major FAIL!” But you know what? I think I would actually buy it, just so I can say that I know what PscHitt really tastes like!

    • July 2, 2010    

      There are just so many jokes that can be made from just one bottle of PscHitt Lemonade!

  2. Olivier Wagner Olivier Wagner
    July 3, 2010    

    Just a clarification:
    “Limonade” in French is not the lemon based drink that you know in the US. It is much closer to a “Sprite”

  3. July 6, 2010    

    I don’t really know what to say about the “PscHitt”.. it sounds like it taste like ****. I don’t know if their ads will give them sales LOL..

  4. July 7, 2010    

    Hahaha I don’t even know how I ordered this, I’m pretty sure I just asked for lemonade and they gave me **** but it did actually taste like lemonade despite the label!!! lol

  5. Bytes Bytes
    July 8, 2010    

    I bet they are Pschitting themselves now!

  6. FrenchGirl FrenchGirl
    September 3, 2012    

    Just so you know, it is supposed to represent the sound the bottle makes when you open it

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