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Swiss Pension Advertisement – Barack Obama In The Phone Booth

Swiss Pension Accommodation Advertisement - Barack Obama

Today, I’ve got a bizarre travel photo about a Swiss Pension Advertisement from  Jessie from  You can follow @JessOnAJourney on Twitter! She previously sent me a funny travel photo of Nibble Nobby’s Nuts in Australia, and she’s got another weird one for me here! It looks like Barack Obama has been enlisted to promote this small type of […]

Making Tomato Pasta Sauce – Swiss Style

Making Tomato Pasta Sauce

Making Tomato Pasta Sauce – In Bulk! Making Tomato Pasta Sauce – Most of us just buy Tomato Pasta Sauce from the supermarket in a jar.  But my relatives in Switzerland make it in bulk every year from a small patch of dirt. Real estate is at a premium in Switzerland, judging by the number […]

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