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Sheep Shagger – It’s Beer, not Bestiality!

It’s time for a funny beer name and label again! One thing that I’ve noticed when I’ve tried to consume beers around the world, that I often come across a few that look or sound funny – intentionally, or unintentionally! There have been a few unusually named beers that have graced this silly travel blog. […]

Beefy Bovril – Liquid Meat

Beefy Bovril

Beefy Bovril is Liquid Cow! Beefy Bovril is the beef extract equivalent of Vegemite, except it’s a runny, treacle like toxic substance remotely tasting like Vegemite (which is a yeast extract). That’s right, it’s liquid cow or moo moo! Yes, it does sound bizarre upon first hearing this description! I think Beefy Bovril is a cow-flavoured […]

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