Drinking Games – Springbok Cocktail Drink Ritual

Drinking Games – Springbok Cocktail Drinking Ritual is Riskier than the Drink Itself!

If you ever get to South Africa, you may come across some Drinking Games that are associated with the national drink, the Springbok Cocktail. No, I don’t mean devouring an entire African herbivore that is likely to kick your teeth out if you are foolish enough to chase it!

The Springbok is the South African national shot glass – a two-alcohol drink containing a green layer of mint-tasting liqueur not dissimilar to mouthwash, overlain by a creamy layer of Amarula, a Baileys-like drink fermented from the native Marula fruit. I quite like Amarula – it has a unique taste and I have converted quite a few friends to it.

Drinking Games – Springbok Time!

A picture of the Springbok Cocktail is shown below to give you an idea of what it looks like.

Drinking Riutals Springbok Cocktail South Africa Drinking Ritual

Ironically, the dangers of drinking a Springbok Cocktail lie not in the actual drink itself, but the drinking ritual associated with downing the shot glass – which is oddly enough, like one of the bizarre Drinking Games one can do.

The Drink Ritual involves placing both hands behind the back, stomping the feet alternately, snorting through the nostrils, squealing, picking up the Springbok shot glass via front teeth, and sculling the drink without spilling a drop – without using your hands.

Believe me, this is a difficult thing to do! Especially if you have had a few beers beforehand.

I didn’t care if I spilled any booze whilst attempting this ceremony – I just hoped my Springbok Cocktail Drink Ritual didn’t resemble a Springbok mating call, causing a mad rush of horny African antelopes to run after me.

More Drinking Games Information

Anyway, enough of that silly stuff. For more information on Drinking Games, check out The Imbible: Drinking Games for Times You’ll Never Remember with Friends You’ll Never Forget.

But I thought these silly games made you forget a lot of things…

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