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Cricket World Cup Crazy Stuff!

With the Cricket World Cup of 2011 approaching, I’ve put together a list of some funny Cricket World Cup moments.

This year, the 2011 Cricket World Cup will be held in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Because of the popularity of Cricket in these countries, I’m guessing the entire sub-continent will be out of action while everyone watches the games over the next few weeks.

I don’t mind going to watch the odd game of Cricket with some friends (for example, Where’s Wally? He’s At The Cricket!), even though some people would rather watch grass grow.

One of my goals one day is to be in the stands at a cricket game in India, and the West Indies, as I’ve heard the fans are really passionate about the game, and I’d like to see this as a spectacle.

For the novices, cricket is another game invented by the English that they’ve exported to the world, only to be crap at it for large periods of time (until recently!). Cricket has often been touted as the pre-cursor to baseball, but a lot more people play it – and that’s only because of India!

Anyway, check out some of the funnier moments of previous Cricket World Cups!

Bored Camera Man – 2007 Cricket World Cup, West Indies

Filming the cricket all day in the sun might be a bit boring – plus you’ll probably suffer from heat stroke at the end, and score skin cancer in the future. Hence, in between overs, many cameramen pan around the ground looking for some interesting ‘subject matter’ to pass the time. And involves spotting female members of the crowd.

Rather blatant though!

Jonty Rhodes Superman Run Out – 1992 World Cup, Australia

Most fieldsmen run out a batsman by throwing the stumps down with the ball. But Jonty Rhodes from South Africa decided to tackle the stumps grid iron style instead in the 1992 World Cup match against Pakistan.

Great way to score some splinters

‘The Fridge’ takes a Classic Catch in 2007

‘The Fridge’ is the nickname given to Bermuda’s massive cricketer who looks more at home in a Sumo Wrestling ring than the cricket field. How he managed to catch a screaming ball at the 2007 World Cup is beyond me.

David vs Goliath – Kenya beats West Indies – 1996

Kenya is one of the teams that pretty much makes up the numbers in the Cricket World Cup. However, they caused a massive upset in 1996 when they beat the former powerhouse that was the West Indies.

This is the equivalent of a place like the principality of Andorra beating the United States at baseball!

The Reaction at home when India loses

India is such a massive influence on the game of cricket, largely because of the billions of people who play it in the dusty streets all around the country. Indians are known for their intense passion for cricket (it’s often a life or death situation!), however this leads to all sorts of reactions when the team doesn’t perform as well as the massive national expectations. If India wins, it will be the biggest party on Earth. If they lose, I don’t know what to expect!

This includes many parodies from home: like this.

More Cricket World Cup Stuff

There you go, your dodgey guide to some of the Funny Moments of previous Cricket World Cups. I’m sure there will be more coming in the Cricket World Cup 2011, so stay tuned!

Check out more at The Funny Book of Cricket.

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  1. February 18, 2011    

    Haha, hilarious! Have you seen the new book about cricket sledging over the last few years? Have a great weekend!

  2. Ishan Ishan
    March 26, 2011    

    Thank you for pulishing funny information.Many funny things are happened in a cricket match.You collect that,show in our eyes

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