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Cleaning Services For Home – Thai Style!

Cleaning around the house – probably something that most of us don’t really like doing.

It’s not my favourite task, but I’d rather live in a clean house than in a filthy pigsty with vermin running all around the place!

I’ve seen how some people live and I wouldn’t dare want to find out what’s living in their place by taking a swab and seeing what grows on a petri dish.

Having said that, there are always options if you want to keep your place nice and tidy – some people out there outsource their cleaning to someone else because they don’t have the time, or would rather have someone else do it because they find it tedious and boring.

That’s cool, it keeps someone employed. Until the robots take over the world and do this for us instead. But that’s a few years away still… maybe

But there are some cleaning services out there that seem to have employees that know how to multi task – all at the same time.

Cleaning Services – Thai Style!

Anyway, one of my mates was travelling around Thailand and was staying in a place that was regularly cleaned.

However, he took this candid shot with the following update which made me chuckle and admire this person at the same time.

Have a look at this photo closely – what do you notice?

Cleaning Services - Thai Style

Anyway, his commentary was ‘Cleaning Thai style. Watching soap opera on ipad whilst mopping with one hand and one foot

I think it’s brilliant. If you’re cleaning the floor but don’t want to miss your favourite soapie which is being beamed live at the time, I’m guessing why not do both things at once?

I love this kind of stuff! It makes me wonder if she bought some cleaning stuff from the toilet brush motorcycle guy!

What other kind of clever multitasking have you spotted in your travels?

Let me and the rest of the world know!

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  1. Peter Peter
    May 22, 2017    

    As long as it does the job!

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