Bus Stand Food Of The World – The Free Banana Bunch!

Bus Stand Munchies!

Have you ever been pissed off waiting for public transport at you local bus or train station because you’ve had a sudden attack of the munchies? Well one village on the island of Savai’i in Samoa has found the solution to this – with some unique Bus Stand Food!

It’s the Free Bus Stand Banana Bunch! Here is a picture of this awesome concept below!

Bus Stand Food Of The World - The Free Banana Bunch

That’s right, villagers who live in small township of Manase in Savai’i island regularly restock their bus stops with banana bunches so that people won’t go hungry waiting for this bus to arrive. I’m not sure if this feeding tactic was a measure introduced based on the regularity of buses in Samoa (that is, whenever they fell like turning up!), but if you’re waiting around at the bus stand and feeling hungry, all you need to do is pick off a ripe banana for a healthy start to the day.

I guess this makes a refreshing change to the junk food that is often available in vending machines in the western world!

And this banana bunch is not just for the local villagers – it’s for anyone who’s waiting at the bus stop, including foreign travellers. You’ll probably end up chatting to the locals anyway because they’re a friendly lot in Samoa. It’s definitely worth trying to make your way to this tiny speck in the South Pacific Ocean!

So check it out. I’m going to lobby my local city council to see if I can have free banana bunches introduced to all public transport! But I don’t like my luck!

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Check out the Samoa Tourism Authority Website for more cool things about Samoa. Maybe this Bus Stand Food could appear inĀ Funny Things I Heard At The Bus Stop, Volume 1.

Eat up everyone!

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  1. July 4, 2012    

    As an Arrested Development fan, I love anything that has to do with banana stands.

    As a lover of free things, this is even more awesome.

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