Baba Photos – Be Your Own Spiritual Practice.

Babas (or more commonly known as Sadhus) are a pretty common site throughout India – almost as much as the auto rickshaws, distilled cow urine, and multicoloured chickens!

Babas pretty much do their own thing and run their own ‘spiritual practice’.

Yes, the home of ethical computer hacking and accommodation recommended by Lonely People does this line of work very well!

Anyway, one of my friends, who has previously brought you some gems like the hand drawn menu couldn’t pass up a photo opportunity with a group of Sadhu Babas (holy men) in Hampi when he was travelling through India.

Baba Photos from India!

There are millions of babas in India and they’re respected/feared for their holy powers, and maybe even their curses if you annoy them too much. As like with a lot of things in India, karma plays a big part of their mystery and their practices help balance what’s going around.

Babas pretty much renounce most material things and live off donations from the general public. They have a varied life – sometimes living in caves, forests and Hindu temples.

These Babas are modestly dressed in this photo! There are some naked ones cruising around who have their hair transformed into massive dreadlocks called jata that Bob Marley would envy.

These guys often use cannabis as part of worship of the Shiva god – maybe they’ve discovered something that the rest of the world is missing out on.

I’ve been to India, but I haven’t had a chat to Baba to test their holy powers to grant me my wish of become a rich backpacker, like how I asked a Sangoma in Soweto, South Africa in my quest to road test the world’s religions.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of fake babas there promising all sorts of holy powers, so it does pay to shop around before you start looking for a bit of enlightenment.

Some of these guys take unusual vows – like never sitting down, or being completely silent for decades. Not exactly for me, but if they want to do it, I’m all for it.

But that’s the great thing about the world. Whilst you may not necessarily understand or even agree with some cultures, I like the fact that they are there because they make the world a little bit different and way more interesting.

How about you? Have you ever dealt with a Baba before, and did you gain something from it?

Let us all know! I might learn something!

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