Australia vs Ireland Rugby at Eden Park, Auckland New Zealand – Great Craic!

Australia Vs Ireland – Is always good fun!

As part of The Great Crusade, Qantas kindly shouted me a ticket to a big Australia vs Ireland Rugby Union game at Eden Park in Auckland, New Zealand.

I’ve been to a Wallabies vs Ireland game before in Australia. They’re usually a very thin disguise for a booze up, as both sides like each other and everyone is there for a good time, especially before and after the game at the pub! Plus there have been some classic encounters between the two sides over time, so this usually leads to a good night involving lots of long winded yarns that have been created by consuming way too much beer.

It’s more or less like travelling to Dublin and meeting up with some of the friendly locals in one of the insane amount of pubs in the Temple Bar area!

However, this rugby union game at Eden Park in Auckland was a bit different. The Irish support way outnumbered the Wallabies cheers, that’s because there were a crap load of Kiwis dressed up in green drag!

The main saying for this is “I support the All Blacks and anyone else who plays Australia!”

Australia vs Ireland Rugby Eden Park Auckland New Zealand

Australia vs Ireland Rugby – Behind The Scenes Video

Anyway, I took a video camera around to record the crazy behind the scenes action for the Australia vs Ireland Rugby game. There’s some gold here! I was really surprised how many punters wanted to have their head captured by motion picture forever.


Unfortunately, the result wasn’t what I quite expected, but I still had a great time – even though I was ridiculed throughout the night by Irish fans and Kiwis alike!

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