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Cleaning Services For Home – Thai Style!

Cleaning around the house – probably something that most of us don’t really like doing. It’s not my favourite task, but I’d rather live in a clean house than in a filthy pigsty with vermin running all around the place! I’ve seen how some people live and I wouldn’t dare want to find out what’s […]

Scooter Rental in Thailand – What Really Happens!

It’s almost like a rite of passage for people who escape the dull and mundane corporate life to become a ‘location independent travel blogger’ to inevitably end up in Thailand to live like a king on a measly salary that’s earned from a few Google ads that have been clicked on their website. That’s because […]

Unique AirBNB Rentals – Literally Bringing the Outdoor In!

I guess that you must be living under a rock to not know about AirBNB. Where everyone can call their own home a hotel. And loads of travellers who use the AirBNB site when they go travelling because it just opens up a whole new load of options for accommodation. And some of those accommodation […]

Mobile Banking – Thai Style!

One thing that you need when travelling is money. One way or another, if you don’t have it, you’re travel fun is going to be severely limited! It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling in a third world country where the exchange rate is great – too many beers on the road is going to deplete […]

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