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Create Your Own Superhero – Batman bin Suparman!

Here is possibly the best passport photo and/or name of all time! There’s nothing like having an unusual name. Not only can it lead to bullying during your school years, but if you end up being a regular traveller, you are sure to be the butt of numerous jokes via the customs officials who see […]

Smiley Faces Sad Faces – Clever Coaster Advertising!

I think we’ve all seen those simple but effective optical illusions of smiley faces / sad faces – that is, one single image that you can flip around where you can see a happy face on one view, but then flip it upside down so you can view exactly the same image as a sad […]

Things to Do at Changi Airport in Singapore – Become a Millionaire!

As far as airports go, Changi Airport at Singapore is probably one of the best places around to catch a plane, or transit while waiting for another. Thousands of people work there and the airport alone it’s a big contributor to the Singapore economy because it’s a major Asian hub and stopover. It’s one of […]

Brazilian Waxes For Men – The Boyzilian

Okay, here is one for the people out there who hate their own body hair (and maybe everyone else’s) – it’s a list of hair removal and Brazilian Waxes  that are available to rid oneself of the hair where you don’t really want it! Here is an extensive menu of hair removal options that I […]

Changi Arrivals – Singapore Airport Deals from Changi Recommends, including Wifi Addicts..

This article is supported by Changi Recommends, a service that extends beyond Changi Airport ‘s doors in providing exclusive deals (shopping, dining and attractions) and mobile connectivity solutions for travellers upon arrival in Singapore. As far as airports go, Changi Airport at Singapore is probably one of the best places around to catch a plane, […]

Singapore Hotels – Places To Stay in the Switzerland of Asia!

Many people stop through Changi Airport in Singapore on their way to somewhere else in the world, but as I’ve mentioned in my article about 10 weird things to do in Singpore, this south east Asian financial powerhouse often known as the ‘Switzerland of Asia’ (I think this is an economic reference, not anything to […]

How To Relieve Stress and Anxiety – Bang Head Here!

Here’s one of those useless ‘how to’ articles that pretends to try and solve a problem but actually doesn’t when you finally hover your cursor over the click bait headline – it’s a silly way on How To Relieve Stress and Anxiety! No really, it’s a humourous take on  something that affects all of us […]

The GMAX Extreme Swing. More Crap Your Pants Adventure!

I’m a bit of a sucker for trying to explode my adrenal glands when travelling. Previous experiences that would have probably tested my shonky travel insurance policies include mountain biking down the world’s most dangerous road in Bolivia, throwing myself off the world’s highest bungy swing, and micro lighting over Victoria Falls. The latest addition […]

Cocktail Recipes – Bespoke Unusual Drinks!

As you would know, I’m pretty much a beer drinker. I spend my life trying to ingest the local brews of each place that I travel (see the shonky Beer Index!). I’m not really a spirits or cocktail kind of person, because I usually find that Cocktail Recipes are usually inconsistent between bar to bar, […]

Chinese Culture and Traditions – The Deathly Version!

Probably one of the best things about travelling apart from eating yourself to death on the great food available is to learn how other cultures do things. The best thing about having these cultural differences is that it makes life interesting, and a lot of the time, I think it’s a great idea and try […]

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