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Comfort Room Designs – Filipino Style!

It’s toilet humour time again! Yes, a favourite subject of mine and something that makes a regular appearance on this silly travel blog which is one of many clogging up the internet bandwidth! And this is a toilet that you may need a strong stomach to use! This one was sent to me by one […]

How To Use Cornflakes – Filipino Style!

Cornflakes. A pretty simple breakfast that has been the staple of many a table first thing in the morning. From corn field to the plate, it’s hard to imagine a world without cornflakes. Who would have ever thought that a humble corn kernel could over dominate the world’s breakfast tables. And it’s been around for […]

Jeepney, Philippines – Public Transport Mode Of The Week

Jeepney Philippines Public Transport

Jeepney’s Galore! The Jeepney is a Filipino institution, and I love them! Jeepney’sĀ are derived from the thousands of Jeeps that were left behind by the AmericansĀ in the Philippines after World War II. Enterprising locals then extended them, added a roof and seats, and then a new mode of Public Transport was born. Today’s modern Jeepneys […]

Philippines Floods 2009 – Health And Safety Photo Of The Week

Philippines Floods 2009 – Whoa! Today’s Health And Safety Photo is one of the Philippines Floods that occurred in 2009. This poor archipelago nation often cops more than it’s fair share of natural disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes and the odd flooding here and there. Actually, these Philippines Floods were tragic because a number of […]

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