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Private Property – Funny Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted Sign!

Private Property - Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted or Shot Funny Sign

It’s funny sign time again! I like checking out overseas interpretations of signs that you might see at home – just to see what the underlying culture is about! You know, sometimes they don’t translate very well into English, such as the Squat Toilet Sign and the Fook Yew Hotel. Both of those signs are […]

Penang Street Art Photos – Life and Art Together?

Check this out! It’s Street Art Photo time! One of my mates went to Penang in Malaysia and he captured a tonne of cool snaps which I decided to pirate for myself! He’s sent me some rather funny and politically incorrect stuff to me previously, such as the Cornflake coated fish, the ‘Must Be At […]

No Bullshit Sign – Funny Cheap Hostel Slogan!

Today I have a funny travel photo about the meaning of ‘No Bullshit‘ from Melissa who runs Where’s The Gos? This is a travel blog that’s a bit out there because Melissa carries a cut out head of Ryan Gosling and places it near world landmarks, and often in compromising positions! It’s a bit silly, but hey, […]

Squat Toilets in Asia – Funny Graphic Sign!

Today I have a funny travel photo from @NicoleMProm from Malaysia. It’s another piece of toilet humour gold that I am glad to add to this silly website, specifically in relation to Squat Toilets! Probably one of the funniest travel signs I spot when cruising around are by far the toilet ones, and their interpretations […]

Seafood Restaurants – Sell Grilled Crap!

Seafood Restaurants Grilled Crab

Seafood Restaurants With A Laugh Today’s funny travel photo comes from James Clark from Nomadic Notes. It’s off the Grilled Crap sign from a Seafood Restaurant in Malaysia! (see middle photo towards the bottom). Seafood Restaurants – Engrish! Obviously, this Seafood Restaurant sign was lost in translation, and it reached the printers before anyone could […]

LOL Drink – Kick A Poo Joy Juice, Malaysia

LOL Drink – is crap… Today’s Funny Travel Photo is from Sasha from On Ur Way Travel. It’s a LOL Drink and it’s hilariously named – Kick A Poo Joy Juice. The name itself sounds like a clear cut strategy to transform your white shoes into brown with one swift swivel of your leg! Kick A Poo […]

Funny Hotel Names – the Fook Yew Hotel, in Kuantan, Malaysia

Funny Hotel - Fook Yew

Funny Hotel Names – Fook Yew! Today’s post is about Funny Hotel Names – and this one is called the Fook Yew Hotel. It’s way funnier than this Hotel Gitmo T-Shirt! Actually, I’m quite sure that the Fook Yew Hotel would be absolutely luxorious when compared to the holding cells at Guantanomo Bay! In my […]

Tune Hotels Review – Accommodation Like A Low Cost Airline

Tune Hotels Review Have you ever turned up to an airport at midnight, dreading the prospect of haggling with a taxi driver that may take you on a special 100 buck early morning scenic tour, a la Mean Streets: Confessions of a Nighttime Taxi Driver? Or, if you want to avoid that, mortgaging your house […]

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