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No Bullshit Sign – Funny Cheap Hostel Slogan!

Today I have a funny travel photo about the meaning of ‘No Bullshit‘ from Melissa who runs Where’s The Gos? This is a travel blog that’s a bit out there because Melissa carries a cut out head of Ryan Gosling and places it near world landmarks, and often in compromising positions! It’s a bit silly, but hey, […]

Squat Toilets in Asia – Funny Graphic Sign!

Today I have a funny travel photo from @NicoleMProm from Malaysia. It’s another piece of toilet humour gold that I am glad to add to this silly website, specifically in relation to Squat Toilets! Probably one of the funniest travel signs I spot when cruising around are by far the toilet ones, and their interpretations […]

Seafood Restaurants – Sell Grilled Crap!

Seafood Restaurants Grilled Crab

Seafood Restaurants With A Laugh Today’s funny travel photo comes from James Clark from Nomadic Notes. It’s off the Grilled Crap sign from a Seafood Restaurant in Malaysia! (see middle photo towards the bottom). Seafood Restaurants – Engrish! Obviously, this Seafood Restaurant sign was lost in translation, and it reached the printers before anyone could […]

LOL Drink – Kick A Poo Joy Juice, Malaysia

LOL Drink – is crap… Today’s Funny Travel Photo is from Sasha from On Ur Way Travel. It’s a LOL Drink and it’s hilariously named – Kick A Poo Joy Juice. The name itself sounds like a clear cut strategy to transform your white shoes into brown with one swift swivel of your leg! Kick A Poo […]

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