Airline Safety Card – Alternative Meanings For Their Images

Airline Safety Card Fun!

Airline Safety Cards have been a way of life for most airlines for years. You usually can’t escape the fact as soon as you sit down and look into the seat pocket to browse through the in flight magazine, or reach for the spew bag if you are feeling a bit seedy after spending the entire wealth of a third world country on trying to kill your liver and brain cells on a big weekend in Las Vegas!

I say ‘most’ airlines because I have personally flown some dodgy airlines where an Airline Safety Card could be an optional extra. But hey, a seatbelt or card would not have helped me anyway if this plane had crashed!

Anyway, someone emailed me some funny jokes recently, showing some possible alternative meanings to the instructions given on the Airline Safety Cards that we all take for granted whenever we take a flight anywhere.

These images look like the stock standard safety instructions that we take for granted, however they take on a different meaning when a silly caption is placed underneath them. When you piece the image and the caption together, it almost makes perfect sense!

They’re almost as funny as the ‘Snakes On A Plane Safety Instructions Booklet!’. Actually, Snakes on a Plane was one of those movies where the title was exactly the same as the entire movie plot at the same time!

Check it out these funny airline safety card pisstakes!

Airline Safety Card Pisstake Photos!

Yep, I had a good giggle at these!

Airline Safety Card - dwarf

More Airline Safety Card Stuff!

You can check out more of these funny pictures at the Airtoons website!  Looks like someone was annoyed with the airlines, like this dude on his Airline Secrets.

So the next time you fly, please don’t associate these images with your Airline Safety Card!

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  1. May 31, 2010    

    This is hilarious! Thanks for sharing.
    .-= Mark´s last blog ..[Video] OK Go – This (Ukwelii blogging silence) too shall pass =-.

  2. June 3, 2010    

    OMG! My son and I just laughed so hard! Thanks and we want more!

  3. February 11, 2013    

    hahahaha boy did that walkman bring back memories!

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