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Penis Enlargement Cream – Funny Male Enhancement Advertisement!

Today I have another humourous funny travel photo from Zambia from Sarah Carroll – this time, it’s about the wonderful powers of Penis Enlargement Cream! She’s sent me stuff like the People Always Complain Hardware Store in Malawi. As mentionedmany times before, Sarah runs The Ethical Volunteer. You can follow Sarah on Twitter @EthicalVol and on Facebook. Anyway, she keeps sending me […]

Funny Bar Signs – Billy’s Bar from Zambia

Today I’ve got a post about Funny Bar Signs from Sarah Carroll, which she spotted in when cruising around Zambia. Sarah has previously sent me the Best Hardware Store in the world and I interviewed her about ethical volunteering around the world. She loves travelling around Africa and so do I – and that’s mainly because of the […]

Syphilis Treatments for it’s Symptoms – Combined with International Shoe Repair!

Today I have another piece of gold from Sarah Carroll. She’s sent me stuff like the People Always Complain Hardware Store in Malawi. But today she has a photo highlighting the talents of Dr Mulilanji who specialises in Syphilis Treatments combined with International Shoe Repair! As mentioned before, Sarah runs The Ethical Volunteer. You can follow […]

Microlighting – Best Thing to do at Victoria Falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls Microlight Zambia Zimbabwe

Microlighting at Victoria Falls – It’s Awesome! Microlighting at Victoria Falls, at Zimbabwe and Zambia. This large amount of water is one of the most spectacular places in the world to visit – and you have to visit two countries to experience it!  Since the troubles of Zimbabwe has pretty much killed the tourist trade in […]

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