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Baboon Facts – Funny Behaviour Photo..

Today I have a funny (and sort of rude) travel photo from Megan from Mapping Megan about some funny baboon facts and behaviour! So to speak! You can follow @MappingMegan on Twitter and on Facebook . Here it is! The Baboon Facts Photo Story! “Tanzania is happy to see you”! We were incredibly excited to head to […]

Office Shoes – Footwear Custom Made From Tyres

  Office Shoes and Black Footwear – literally! If you’re after a pair of Office Shoes (or any type of Footwear for that matter!) in Arusha, Tanzania, one does not go to the a Office Shoe Shop – instead, you go to the local mechanic! What The? I hear you say! I need to buy shoes from somewhere […]

Funny Bumper Sticker Quote from Africa – So True

Funny Bumper Sticker

Funny Bumper Sticker Time! One other great thing that is both refreshing and frustrating about travelling through the African continent is ‘Africa time’. Well, it is for people who have been brought up with structure for their entire lives! But time in Africa is pretty fluid, and runs on a rubber clock! You could be […]

Funny Travel Photo – The George Bush Bar, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Funny Travel Photo Time – Thanks to George Bush! The George Bush Bar is todays Funny Travel Photo! I’m not sure which George Bush this bar is named after, but regardless, I have no idea of the motivation for naming this bar spotted somewhere on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam, in Tanzania in July 2008. But that […]

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