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Fast Food Advertising – Starve To Death!

Cape Town in South Africa is definitely in my top 10 list of favourite cities around the world. I’ve been there a couple times and have amazingly not lost my liver by spending many a night out on the town there with it’s amazing night life and party atmosphere. I’m sure there are plenty a […]

South Africa News Humour – Telling It Like it Is!

Here is an article about satire which relates to a very funny cartoonist who has a sharp wit for telling things as they really are. I love satirical cartoonists. In Australia, we take it for granted that we have creative individuals who are allowed to take the piss out of our politicians without the fear […]

Fresh Meat Market Mayhem!

I like a big steak now and then. There’s nothing like have a large chunk of fresh meat being barbecued over hot wood coals. Sure, it makes one feel like a caveman, but it makes me feel very satisfied afterwards! I love having a long siesta after a big feed and a couple of beers. […]

Hairstyles for Men – the Mobile Tent Version!

I guess one of the dead certainties of life apart from death and taxes is that now and then, you will need some sort of a haircut. Even if you have dreadlocks, there’s going to be a time where scissors are going to go somewhere near your head. It’s a pretty universal thing, the haircut, […]

Sandcastles on the Beach – The African Safari Version!

Making Sandcastles on the Beach is something pretty much everyone who has lived near one, or has holidayed on one, has done as a kid, or maybe as a big kid! You know, something basic like a castle made from a simple plastic bucket, or just using your bare hands. But sometimes, some people take […]

Child Slavery – Funny Warning Sign!

Child Slavery is no laughing matter.  Whether directly, or indirectly, there’s no reason why a kid should have their childhood taken away from them because they’re busy in a sweatshop making stuff for the First World. But anyway, someone has found a humourous bent on this topic by placing up a warning sign that is […]

World’s Highest Bungy Swing – How To Crap Your Pants On It!

Here’s one for the thrill seekers out there who want to test out the validity of their travel insurance – it’s the world’s highest bungy swing! It’s at Oribi Gorge in the Kwazulu Natal region in South Africa, near the city of Durban. Here is a stupid photo of yours truly in mid air trying […]

Six Degrees of Separation – When it Becomes One!

The theory of Six Degrees of Separation is that everything you want and anyone you want to meet are only six steps or six people away. Or otherwise, it’s the saying ‘it’s a small world’ – especially in this day and age of globalisation and the internet. As an example of this, I’ve been on […]

Claustrophobic? Don’t go down the Underground Mine at Gold Reef City, Johannesburg, South A...

Gold Reef City is a theme park with a bit of a difference – it’s a touristy, former underground gold mine transformed into a theme park, complete with water slides, gold-pouring and a 200 metre chilly mine shaft. It is literally located across the road from the very interesting Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, South Africa. […]

Giant Shrimp – Possibly The World’s Biggest Prawn!

I like a bit of seafood now and then, especially if it’s caught straight from the sea and ends up on your plate on the same day – like I’ve done previously with some Yellowfin Tuna Fishing. Nothing compares to having a big feed of freshly caught seafood. South Africa has some great seafood, and I was […]

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