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Fish River Canyon, Namibia. Don’t leave anything behind.

Fish River Canyon Namibia

Fish River Canyon – Cool Erosion! Fish River Canyon, Namibia – is apparantly, the next biggest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon. It’s also called Visriviercanyon.  The Fish River Canyon is about 30 kilometres wide at its widest point, 160 kilometres long and up to 550 metres deep. The Namibian government proudly claims […]

Pub of The Year – The Gin and Tonic Bar, Rundu, Namibia

My Pub Of The Year is the Gin and Tonic Bar. My favourite Pubs used to be in Ireland. That’s before I came across the Gin and Tonic Bar. This bar is a concrete box plus an irregularly arranged corrugated iron flat roof, located in a small village in Rundu, in northeast Namibia – near […]

Cape Cross, Namibia – Best Place In The World To Visit If For Some Bizarre Reason You Really Like Seals

Cape Cross = Big Seal Toilet! The photo above was taken at Cape Cross, in Namibia. It’s one of the most impressive beaches I have ever seen, and it has nothing to do with whether you can sunbake here or not! In fact, there is no way in the world I would ever want to […]

Funny Road Sign – That Most Obviously States the Obvious

Funny Road Sign Safety Warning Traffic Highway Meaning

Funny Road Sign of The Week! Here is a Funny Road Sign that is unbelievable but true, from Namibia in south western Africa! Namibia is one of the driest places on the planet. It is an amazing country to visit, as the variety of dry and desert landscapes is quite astounding. It’s worth travelling to some of […]

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