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Best Ambiance Lighting – The Beer Chandelier, at Planet Baobab, Botswana

Best Ambiance Lighting Beer Chandelier

Best Ambiance Lighting Ever! I love The Beer Chandelier! There’s all sorts of lighting we’ve used during our lifetimes to create that special atmosphere. That could range from a candle lit dinner, using dimmer lights in our home, or possibly the extreme glare from fluorescent lighting in the average 7/11 store, where you need sunglasses […]

Outdoor Toilet – The Re-Definition!

outdoor toilet

Outdoor Toilet – Literally! I love it when some things are taken literally instead of figuratively! It just adds another dimension to language conundrums that come up all around the world. And I came across a device that we all use to relive the body’s natural functions, but it was placed in an area I […]

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