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World War 2 Jeeps. Some are still going!

Here’s one for the automotive buffs out there! Ever get annoyed that your car is a lemon that doesn’t last anywhere near as long as it should? Or that maybe it breaks down just after your warranty has expired? Well, cry and weep as you’re about to to come across a vehicle that’s been going […]

How to Eat Betel Nut – And Not Vomit!

I really love travelling because I like checking out all of the things that are different to my home country. That extends to trying what the locals get into. Even if it might seem a bit strange to your Western traditions. Actually, for the vast majority of the time, having a go at trying something […]

Carry On Luggage Weight Limits – The Human Version!

Here’s a quirky version of Carry On Luggage Limits! There’s nothing like turning up to the airport with your check in luggage bursting at the seams, and thinking that you could just get away with a tiny bit more, you stuff your carry on luggage with all sorts of crap to see if you can […]

Solomon Islands Diving and Snorkelling Photos To Get You Wet!

Here you go, here’s one for the divers out there. And you’ll be relieved there are no farting in a wetsuit jokes involved here! I’m more of a snorkeller than a diver, but from what I could see with a mask and a set of flippers made me want to be a bit more serious […]

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