Shopping in Jordan – Spot The Funny Products!

I reckon one of the most enjoyable parts of travelling is seeing things that are translated from one language to another, only for the resulting translation to be somewhat amusing, bewildering, or sometimes downright offensive! It’s a bit like the hilariously funny Monty Python sketch where John Cleese walks into a British shop with a […]

Top 10 Bizarre and Scary Tourist Attractions in Europe

Today I’ve got a story from John Miller about some of the weird arse places to experience in Europe. John is a travel blogger and adventurous traveller. Find his blog at and follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Here it is! With all the history in Europe there are bound to be some strange and scary things to do and see. So […]

Comfort Room Designs – Filipino Style!

It’s toilet humour time again! Yes, a favourite subject of mine and something that makes a regular appearance on this silly travel blog which is one of many clogging up the internet bandwidth! And this is a toilet that you may need a strong stomach to use! This one was sent to me by one […]

How To Use Cornflakes – Filipino Style!

Cornflakes. A pretty simple breakfast that has been the staple of many a table first thing in the morning. From corn field to the plate, it’s hard to imagine a world without cornflakes. Who would have ever thought that a humble corn kernel could over dominate the world’s breakfast tables. And it’s been around for […]

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